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About Us

Who we are

Yellow Agency is a young and vibrant creative think tank implemented by a group of astute and highly skilled individuals.

"There is a major breach in the Kenyan advertising industry. We have a number of firms catering to the larger firms, but we are missing the most important sector that requires advertising - that is the SME sector."

Bridging the Gap

We think of ourselves as more than just a advertising agency, we are your in-house brand identity and management team. Our primary goal to implement commercially successful solutions to solve your industry specific requirements.

We recognize your company’s key goals, market position, competitive advantages and target client specifics to ensure that our solutions are feasible, we therefore create, implement, execute and measure campaigns that will ultimately deliver those desired results.

All mediums under one hut...

Endeavoring to bridge that gap for our clients has made us realize that no creative agency is complete without being able to cater to all mediums of advertising, most other agency's expect their client to outsource work that is not “under the realm".

We aren't one of those agencies. All our client needs are definitely under our realm.

Conquering the digital frontier…

Our team is trained and ready to handle any medium of brand implementation. What other agency consider unconventional we call new media - interactive, web, mobile and social. Facebook? No problem! Micro Sites for my launch? Hamna Shida! Interactive Smartphone Apps? Android, iPhone… would you like both?

Experiential - to launch or not to launch...

Today's buyers are smarter; they look for reviews, shop for best prices, compare products and understand specs. Today’s market is a shoppers market and we understand that. In this day and age, a client should touch, feel and interact with your brand - and we make that happen! So whether you need to setup a save-the-date, a party, or activation we will help create, implement, execute your brand requirements and even assess the success of your experiential endeavor.


  • Yellow took a basic concept and delivered a brand! They were able to create a dynamic campaign which included complete branding, from logo and packaging to a full year strategy - digital and print. We have a great relationship with the team at Yellow, and the thing we love most is they always go above and beyond.

    Alykhan Kurji, Director, Alpha Fine Foods Ltd

  • From the word go the Yellow team quickly understood the vision of our company, our products and our target customer base. They have managed create a new look and feel that appealed to existing customer base as well as opening doors for new customers country wide. They're approach is innovative, exciting and clearly one of kind in this market. I highly recommend them!

    Raj Bains, Managing Director,Kim-Fay (EA) Ltd


The Big Idea

A successful Marketing campaign is one that is memorable, fun, simple, direct and communicates.

As your brand management consultants, understanding your brand is our job, but understanding your objectives is the key factor when developing your brand campaign, strategy and communication.

What are your objectives? Is it to grow you brand? Build brand loyalty? Solidify or change your brand perception? Or create brand recognition?

The Process

  • √ Defining the company and products unique selling proposition.
  • √ Assessing the Target market
  • √ outlining the benefits of the products or services.
  • √ Campaign Strategy
  • √ Timeline Objectives
  • √ Execution
  • √ Measurements (Return on investment ROI


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the

Above the line

Execution is a big part of brand building. A great idea is only great when executed flawlessly. We ensure that your brand created 'great idea' is implemented to perfection.

  • √ Visual Identity (logo, business cards, office stationary and communication)
  • √ Billboards
  • √ Print Adverts
  • √ Magazine Layouts
  • √ Radio
  • √ TV
  • √ Augmented Reality
  • √ Vehicle branding

Product Packaging

You first visual communication is your product packaging. At Yellow, our product team is trained to understand what the consumer is looking for. Elements like Colors, tag lines, appropriate imagery is key when creating inviting product packaging. We design & develop packaging that specifically pulls your target market while strictly adhering to your brand identity.

  • √ Product label
  • √ Package Design
  • √ Packaging Innovation

Below the Line / Guerrilla Marketing/ on ground marketing

Every successful campaign must be followed closely with powerful on the ground activity. Your customers must have communication that’s clear and straight to the point. Below the line communications helps enhance brand recognition and play a vital part in building customer loyalty. Below-the-line marketing communication is possibly the best way to educate you clients on your particular products and services.

  • √ Flyers
  • √ Brochures
  • √ Special Adverts
  • √ Menus
  • √ Annual Reports
  • √ Newsletters
  • √ Merchandising

Ambient & Experiential

We like to call these products campaign boosters.They help entrench a brand into a consumers mind. After all, a successful campaigns must be fun, simple, direct and communicative - but most importantly, they must be memorable and nothing is more memorable than an ambient or experiential strategy.

  • √ Larger than Life - Product Manufacturing
  • √ Speciality Stalls
  • √ Moving Objects
  • √ Stage building
  • √ Training
  • √ Merchandising

Sales Presentations & Training

Sometimes companies have great products but lack the training ability to sell these products. No worries! With Yellow, we'll build you a creative, motion activated, presentation solution that blow you mind! And not only that, we'll come in and train your team on the what, how and why - so that they can get their job done in a cinch.


Every company needs creatives in motion but most companies can't afford and prefer not to pay the high fee for videography. Our Yellow Motion solution cuts out the middle man, with our creative team we will build you a simple yet effective motion driven marketing tool, that can used for running presentations, launch parties or simply at your retail outlets - get you brand in motion today.


Design is essential, but it’s the end product that really matters! Through experience, we have harnessed partners in the market the offer only the best quality printing, timely delivered and affordable prices.


Photography plays a fundamental part when we talk about final design output. Campaigns must speak to you target market and what speaks better than localised imagery? We are able to cater a range of photo shoot to ensure that the imagery rightfully fits your campaign.

  • √ Shoot Location
  • √ Photographers
  • √ Models
  • √ Story Board & Direction
  • √ Photo touch ups

3D Rendering & Interiors

Still in construction? Want to see how your restaurant or office will look once finished? We can handle you 3D works - so you can concentrate on what's really important, like building your brand!


We can handle your whole event, or just a part… you decide!

Web & Mobile Solutions

From concept to prototype to product. We will work closely with you throughout the process to deliver the product you works for you

  • √ Corporate websites
  • √ Mobile applications
  • √ Display brand experiences
  • √ Augmented reality

Digital Marketing

We are specialists and creating digital marketing strategies that engage the target audience and initiate participation, bringing traffic to your website and increasing brand awareness.

  • √ Content strategy & copywriting
  • √ Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • √ Mailing & SMS marketing

Social Media Marketing

We will identify the social networks where you should be participating and where people are talking about you. We’ll also help you create and manage your own social media profiles to attract visitors and leverage the two-way conversation.

  • √ Social network marketing
  • √ Consumer engagement campaigns
  • √ Social Media Measurement
  • √ Social Media Monitoring
  • √ Reputation management

Branding, Design & Multimedia

Our job is to tell your brand story, create an authentic and memorable identity, turn them into an interactive digital experience.

  • √ Brand identity
  • √ Digital design
  • √ 3D modelling
  • √ Video & multimedia

Strategy & Planning

Working closely with you, we help to find new valuable insights and turn them into new business opportunities, brand concepts and interactive products.

  • √ Digital brand strategy
  • √ Customer engagement insights
  • √ System planning & architecture


We plan, implement and support complex hosting infrastructure solutions focusing on a high level of security, accessibility and resource optimisation.

  • √ Shared hosting
  • √ Virtual dedicated servers
  • √ Cloud computing solutions


Get in touch with us

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